What You Need to Make a Home Chemistry Set

It’s understandable that you don’t want to miss out on mixing and observing natural chemical reactions safely. Well, you don’t have to miss out. You can set up a home chemistry lab where you get to enjoy your chemistry experiments properly. All you have to do is choose the correct space in your home and get the necessary equipment. Keep reading to learn about technology chemistry set accessories for your home chemistry lab.

Why Have a Home Chemistry Set?

People who have picked a hobby in chemistry need to perform chemical experiments, because that is what chemistry is about. Having the right lab equipment can make your chemistry experiments easier. Chemistry is full of experiments, and the best way to enjoy it is to have access to a lab.

Chemistry equipment sets are quite affordable. You can find a lot of them under $30. You also don’t have to buy all at a go. You can buy piece by piece until your home chemistry set is complete. The following are the things you need to build a home chemistry set.

Well-Ventilated Space

Chemistry experiments are to be done in designated areas. That’s why there are special labs, usually tagged “chemistry lab.” You don’t want to set up your equipment just anywhere in your house, because you will be dealing with chemicals that could be toxic to people around you. Suitable places to set up your bench include a garage, an outdoor area, a shed in your home, a bathroom, or a kitchen. Ensure to label your containers so that your family members don’t get exposed to harmful substances. Use warning words like do not drink, off-limits, etc.


Glassware is the next important things for your home chemistry set. They are what you use for mixing, observing, holding, and storing your chemicals. Essential glassware for chemistry practical are beakers, glass bottles, volumetric cylinders, test tubes and racks, pipette, Erlenmeyer flasks, stoppers, and a metal clamp. With this equipment, you can start imaging how you will do your next chemical mixing.

Retort Stand

Even if you are not ready to buy all your chemical equipment, the retort stand is an important one to include in the list of things to buy first. It is a heavy metal base and rod used to hold test tubes, burettes,  etc.


Hardware is the type of equipment that facilitates your experiments. They are also important materials you should have. They include alcohol stove, a wire test tube holder, a wire stand, a spatula, and a scale.


Eye goggles are an important PPE for chemistry experiments. They are not meant for only hardcore experiments but are just a necessity for any experiment at all. Accidents can’t completely be avoided, but goggles can prevent chemicals from entering your eyes in case a splash occurs while experimenting. You should always wear your goggles.

Acid and Base

How do you perform a chemical experiment without your chemicals? Get your acids and bases. They are the chemicals you will be using for your experiments, from the most basic chemical experiment (titration) to the most complex.

What technology chemistry set accessories will you use in your home chemistry lab?

What You Need to Make a Home Chemistry Set
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