What the Recent Kroger Data Breach Mean for Technology and Insider Threats


Insider threats and technology have been attacked by a brand new virus known as the Recent Kroger Data Breach. I think it is termed this way because one of the first companies it attacked is Kroger Co. 

Kroger has stated it is among several different victims who suffered from this breach of data. This involves third-party transfer service vendor files, and it potentially notifies customers. This offers them very free monitored credits. 

This pharmacy and grocery chain stated on Friday in a statement that it feels less than a percent of its customers suffered from this data breach. But it’s a data breach. No matter what, some clients suffer even in the least bit. 

Like those who made use of money and health services and some former and current employees because some personnel records were viewed. 

Kroger stated that the breach didn’t affect the Kroger stores or grocery stores, or IT systems for data. There wasn’t any indication which fraud that involved personal data access occurred. 

The company had about two thousand seven hundred and fifty grocery retail stores. It also has about two thousand two hundred pharmacies all across the nation. These didn’t respond immediately to questions that included how customers might have gotten affected. 

Kroger stated that this was among the victims of the hack from December of a file transfer product known as the FTA developed by Accellion. This is a company that’s based in California. It was also notified of the incident by the 23rd of January. These both stopped its usage of the services from Accellion. Some companies used transfer products to share very high amounts of data and send hefty email attachments.

Recent Kroger Data Breach Mean for Technology and Insider Threats

The meaning of this data breach on technology generally and other threats inside is relatively high. When you think and analyze all of this in your head, you’ll realize that many insider threats were quite active for the entire franchise to remain and suffer from data breaches. This is a massive franchise. As I mentioned earlier, the franchise has a lot of branches all over the nation. This reminds me of a franchise that has branches almost everywhere, but when they suffered from a data breach, the funds the company was earning kept on going to the bank account of the woman that was indeed an inside threat. She was supposed to be working for this company in peace, but no, she settled down and used her knowledge in technology and started taking lots of money. She was caught in the end, and after that happened, they upgraded their tech services and made everything harder to breakthrough. 

But this Kroger Data breach is quite scary when you think about it. When would these people stop, or when would all these sorts of issues come to an end?

What the Recent Kroger Data Breach Mean for Technology and Insider Threats
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