Robotic Technology Prints a 3D House for the Homeless

3D printing technology has been one of the best concepts used for many industrial processes. However, in recent times, the people of Texas receive their very first 3D-printed house. The use of 3D printed technology is one of the best innovations that you can get to revolutionize homes’ construction. 

This is one of the most innovative ideas that aim to get Homeless people the most affordable type of housing they can get. These homes are based in Austin, Texas, and they aim to deliver the best.

In Northeast Texas, homes are taking a unique shape, and 3D printed houses were constructed for over 180 formerly homeless people who have found shelter. 

The Australian construction company created this iconic masterpiece to provide affordable housing to people. One thing they aimed to do is to provide solutions on how to reduce construction time to the bearest. 

In Texas, there is a 400-square-foot house that weighs over 3800 pounds. Everything concerning the construction of the building relies on robotics to perform. The building was constructed with a bead of concrete materials into the printers that stack and blend into the intricate corners to give perfect results.

Because of this innovative feat, this company has gained international recognition from the government of Texas. The government is slowly looking for the best ways to adopt this new technology for commercial productions. 

Why these 3D printed houses are the best.

One major feat that makes this product great is innovation. Innovations sit at the bedrock of all the production processes. That is what makes them unique. Icon, which is the company besides this innovation, is working hard to ensure that they impact the state’s real estate industry by providing the best home for clients. 

In a state like Texas, housing is considered affordable, with the rental costs are not more than 30% of the resident’s income. But, when these residents retire, this affordable home may not be accessible to anyone. 

People above 50 years are beginning to experience homelessness as the years go. This is why there is a dire need for affordable housing where older residents can live in peace.

Final Words

Nevertheless, this industry is still new, and if there are proper funding and investment, it could transform the real estate and construction industry forever. Research has shown that the impact of 3D printing will make building and real estate projects more customizable to achieve the best, when starting a real estate project, instead of looking for laborers, you will be on the lookout for 3D technicians.  

The main aim of setting up this establishment is to help people get it right when it comes to real estate. This helps provide the best and most affordable home options that the homeless can key into and have a great experience. 

So, you are into real estate, working with 3D printed home technology would be the best option for you because it will change the outlook of construction and give you a better construction experience. 

Robotic Technology Prints a 3D House for the Homeless
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