Best Technology Blogs You Should Be Following

If you’re a fan of tech like the writer that wrote this article, then you would love the following best technology blogs. You’re also advised to follow them too. 


This is available in California San Francisco. This provides essential technological news at the moment. This also provides brand new news and necessary commentary for the leaders of technology. It posts about thirty posts daily. It has about a hundred and seventy-four thousand followers pm Facebook. It has four hundred and twenty-three on Twitter. It has eight Social Engagement levels and seventy-nine domain authority. 

TechCrunch Startup and Technology News

 This Technology and TechCrunch Startup news are about a technology blog that reports on businesses, venture capital funding, startups, technology, and Silicon Valley Frequency. Since August 2008. 

It has about 2.8 million followers. It has ten million Twitter followers and a social engagement rate of fifty-two. It has a domain authority of ninety-three. It has an Alexa rank of 1.5k.

MIT Technology Review

This is from Massachusetts MIT Technology ReviewCambridge, this leads all conversations about tech which matters these days. You can enjoy stories from this website and a lot more from readers, staff, editors too. You can enjoy about three posts daily. 

You can enjoy this from fans from Facebook because they have about one point five million followers on Facebook. It has a million followed on Twitter. One point one million on Instagram. It has a social engagement rate of fourteen point two K and a ninety-one domain authority. 

Technology Lab

Gotten from New York. This is a technology blog that grants its readers lovely tech news, analysis, and reviews on all essential aspects of tech. Ars Technica hasn’t been serving technologist for way more than a decade. We have information technology analysis, reviews, technology news too. It posts about two posts daily. 

It has fans on Facebook about three hundred and seventy-five. It has one point two million followers pm Twitter. It has a social engagement rate of nineteen K. It has a domain authority of ninety-two. 


United States blog Read-write is also a popular weblog that provides web tech analysis, reviews, and news. These all cover web technology trends, web apps, social networking, and social media too. These are the leading media platforms that are all deducted to the collected world and IoT. Forbes has renamed Read Write as one of the top hundred websites for entrepreneurs around. This uploads about four posts daily. 

This has Facebook fans of about a hundred and seventeen point three thousand. It has one point six million followers on Twitter. It is a nine social engagement level. Its domain authority is eighty-five. Its Alexa rank is 24.1. 

So there we have it. Follow these epic technology blogs and you should have every information you need to know on the latest tech as they get released.

Best Technology Blogs You Should Be Following
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