Could Undercover Aliens Already Be on Earth?

Time and time again there has been news of various mysterious sightings, phenomena, and events that simply defy all science and all forms of rational understanding. These events have been known and recording to be unclassified by science and any other form of logic.

From UFOs to people who claim to have been abducted, the idea of aliens is far from new to us; however, there has been rather a lot of speculation about not just these sightings, events, and phenomena but also about the idea of aliens living amongst us.

Are Undercover Aliens Real?

In a certain interview, NASA partner Robert Bigelow reported to the effect that he is very convinced undercover aliens are living on earth amongst humans. While he did not give any details as regards his claims to the existence of these extraterrestrials, he did, however, make it very clear that he strongly believes in the existence of aliens on planet earth. As a matter of fact, the report said that he and NASA were in fact simply doing too much in their bid to meet with aliens because they are right here on earth.

In yet another story, UFO conspiracists claim to have found a community of undercover aliens that was established and were currently at the last leg of their evolutionary cycle. Again, this story held little credibility but still spiked the interests of a lot of people.

While the idea of undercover aliens is going around and garnering a lot of audiences there is also the intrigue surrounding AREA 51 and the reason why it is kept under strict lock and key by the government.

Should We Be Afraid?

The fact that there may be aliens in our midst, walking with us every day, eating amongst us, and driving around us is not something that sits well with a large majority of people. Even though the facts of this are still largely unknown and there is no actual data to support the idea that aliens are dwelling amongst us for real, it does not stop people from being concerned about their fates and the fate of the Earth as we know it.

Millions of dollars have been invested over the years in a multitude of research studies directed toward finding life or even a source of life outside of Earth and studying it. The majority of this research has, for the most part, turned out to be either unsuccessful or inconclusive. 

If aliens are actually among us, this could spring forth a whole new wave of research that does not require as much as already is being spent on looking for these extraterrestrials outside of the planet Earth.

Living in a world where you have to wonder if your neighbor is an alien or not is not one that I think anyone would find comfortable; however, this is already a reality for some extreme believers and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

So, should we be afraid? Probably not. But if you are a believer, just know that somewhere the truth is out there.

Could Undercover Aliens Already Be on Earth?
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