NE LRIG Teacher Fellowship


to $2,000 will be awarded in 2010 to those science teachers in
public Schools throughout New England who best meet the criteria below. 
The objective of this grant is to provide funds to expand
project based activities during their laboratory periods. 
We believe hands on activities will increase enthusiasm among
students and demonstrate the fun side of learning science.


Each candidate is required to submit a proposal which includes:

  1. A lesson plan highlighting the goals and objectives which focuses on
    what the students will do to acquire further knowledge and
    skills in the particular area or concept.
     Special consideration
    will be given to those teachers who incorporate automation
    concepts in their plan. 
  2. A description of the main lab activity
  3. A list of needed materials with cost
  4. An assessment criterion which will provide evidence that the
    students have arrived at the intended destination

Scholarship Application Form

Applications to be
submitted by March 31st, 2010 to:

Scholarship Committee

c/o Marsha Paul:

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