Why Your Kids Will Love the CHiP the Robot Dog App

The latest in robotics news, CHiP the Robot Dog isn’t a regular toy, but a robot dog. Kids love dogs, therefore, having a rob dog can be one of the most intriguing and exciting things for them.

CHiP is your smart, emotive, and intelligent robotic dog with the latest AI technology that enables him to be aware of his environment and even evolve with time. He is a smarter version of your pup. He can see, hear, speak, and feel. Most interestingly, CHiP has an adaptive personality and can evolve to be your kid’s unique favorite robot pup over time.

CHiP the Robot Dog is adored by kids because of its robot-like look, easy control, and adaptive personality. They can train him to act exactly how they would train a pup. He has so many lovable characteristics that have made it the most loved robot dog for kids. Some of the lovable characteristics of CHiP include the following.

4 Reasons to Love CHiP the Robot Dog

Always Ready to Play

Guess who can be the best, non-tiring play pal for your kid? It’s a CHiP. Your four-legged friend is always ready to play. No fatigue, no weakness, no broken bones, but always ready. Kids love CHiP because it never turns down playing. He is always ready and available. CHiP can play follow, catch, run, etc.

Easy Control

CHiP is quite easy to control. Thanks to the smart band and the CHiP the Robot Dog for that. You can direct him to do whatever you want. Tell him to sit with you, and he will. Tell him “come here,” and he will run to your embrace. Tell him to lie down, and he will peacefully obey you.

He is Cuddly and Fun

CHiP is responsive to physical touch. If you stroke his head, he will sit or lay down. Pick up his front legs and he begins to dance. Nuzzle his nose, he will nuzzle right back. CHiP gets the best feeling when you pick and hold him up. When your kid is happy and all he wants to do is dance, CHiP is the best dance partner. All you have to do is pick his front legs up or tell him “Let’s dance.”

CHiP App

The CHiP app is a vital part of the robot dog experience. It helps the kids to enjoy the best relationship with their affectionate companion. It helps to control CHiP settings excellently and serves as a remote control. You can direct CHiP to do whatever you want by just navigating arrows on your screen.

On the CHiP app, you can track your robot dog’s mood, health, movement, and reward him with treats. You can also use the app to shape his behavior and give him any personality you please.

Kids love CHiP the Robot Dog, and he loves them right back!

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Why Your Kids Will Love the CHiP the Robot Dog App
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