Top Types of Robotics Engineering

Before we begin to understand the different types of Robotics Engineering, we need to know what Robotics is.

What Is Robotics?

This refers to a science intersection which merges technology and engineering. This goes on to create what is known as robots. Robots refer to human substitutes because they are created to replace the actions performed by people.

For some time, the internet has been interested in robots. Think about Optimus Prime from transformers or WALL-E. These are not real but they feel like a made-up version of what robots are supposed to be normally. These days, robots are becoming smarter and gaining more abilities by the second.

List of Top Types of Robotics Engineering

These Robots gotten from Robotics Engineering appear in several sizes and shapes. This is important for the tasks they are created to do. Look at RoboBee that is 0.2 millimeter long. Some robots are as long as two hundred meters. These are necessary to handle tasks we humans cannot handle with ease. 

Normally we have five different types of Robotics Engineering.

1. Pre-Programmed Robots

These robots work in an environment that is controlled. They perform monotonous simple tasks. These pre-programmed robots would be those types that can work on an automotive assembly, as the mechanical arm. It only has a single simple function—to either put something in an engine, to make a door stay at a position, or several other simple things. It’s simple and the only job is to handle that task faster and longer than any human can.

2. Humanoid Robots

These are robots that mimic and look like people. They handle activities that normal people handle. These activities include carrying objects, running, jumping, and other similar activities

3. Autonomous Robots

These robots handle all their activities without the need for someone to control them. They are created to handle tasks in environments people wouldn’t need to supervise. Examples of these robots include the Roomba vacuum cleaner. This makes use of sensors that can clean a home thoroughly without needing a supervisor to control it.

4. Teleoperated Robots

These robots are controlled by humans though they are mechanical. They work under horrible conditions, situations, weather, and tense graphic areas. Examples of these include submarines that are used to fix pipe leaks underwater. These can be used during an oil spill, or they can be drones used to detect the presence of landmines on a battlefield.

They can also perform surgery, diffuse bombs and other epic uses.

5. Augmenting Robots

These robots help in making the abilities humans can perform better. They also help humans replace the abilities they lost as a result of several factors. Examples of these include exoskeletons, prosthetic limbs, and other parts that could be used to perform difficult tasks.

Uses of Robotics Engineering

1. Helps in increasing abilities done by people

2. Handles situations people can handle

3. Offer companionship to old seniors

4. Serves as assistants during surgery

Top Types of Robotics Engineering
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