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The current world of robotics is experiencing giant leaps of technological advancement, promising to change the world in the years to come. To ensure that we stay ahead of all that’s happening in this growing and advancing industry, it is best to read robotics news. In this article, we offer you updates on what’s happening in the industry in regard to robotics news.

Robotics News – November 2019

Rubik’s Cube Solved By a Robot

One of the main highlights of the robotics industry recently is the OpenAI robot, which was seen solving a Rubik’s cube with one hand. OpenAI is currently one of the leading companies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. Owned by Elon Musk, the company has uploaded a video of a robot solving a Rubik’s cube with just one hand.

While we have experienced an increase in the creation of robots, one aspect that most developers have found difficult is that of these robots grasping or holding objects. This needs time and effort with a lot of technical power and tools to accomplish such a feat. This is exactly why the video uploaded by OpenAI is getting such a buzz.

Over the years, OpenAI has sought to be the leading company in the AI field, and they have proved they are once again. Through the help of automatic domain randomization, these robots can move their hands as well as grasp things. While most people may see this as a minor task, in the AI and robotics world, it is a major feat that would open room for the development of more sophisticated and advanced robotic actions.

Lightweight Haptic Arm Developed

Additional interesting bit of robotics news is the development of a new haptic arm. Researchers from the University of Bristol have created what they refer to as a lightweight everyday solution.

Currently, there are a number of robotic arms on the market, but the major challenge is that most of these arms are either very heavy, expensive, or too sophisticated for anyone to use.

The development of this lightweight haptic arm would offer a solution to all of the problems associated with the use of the previously developed arms. It is quite affordable, easy to use, and incredibly lightweight.

This haptic arm is not just an arm but can be said to be a “force for feedback.” Humans generally have five senses but robots have just two – hearing and sight. The development of this arm offers them a third sense – touch. Not only can we touch these robots with the help of this arm, but they can also touch us.

This robotics news will open up various opportunities for technological advancement in other industries too. For example, it would become easier for gamers to feel 3D objects. This technology could increase the Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming experience.

What other robotics news are you excited about?

Current Robotics News
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