Hydraulic Robotic Hand Model Kit to Build

Hydraulic Robotic hands are usually produced to help you with performing different tasks. These tasks may include spinning, welding, gripping, etc. It all depends on how you want to apply it. In this short article, we shall look at the different types of hydraulic robotic hand model kit that you can get this year:

Different hydraulic hand model kit to build

1. OWI Hydraulic Edge Kit

With this product, you won’t be needing a battery to operate it. This product features hydro-mechanical technology and this means that you can have a lot of fun when using its robotic arm.

You can have the gripper removed and also auction apparatus activated. This ensures that the robotic arm operator can lift objects and “vacuum”. For axes movement:

  • Base rotates at 270 degrees
  • Elbow range at 44 degrees
  • Wrist mobility at 98 degrees

This product is made in Taiwan.

2. NWFashion Hydraulic 

This product is made up of the Piston Needle Cylinder. This model comes in a 3-dimensional form which automatically grabs and lifts items in the horizontal position. It can also be turned close to about 90 degrees.

If you’re a student in 6 – 12 grades, this kit helps you to carry out the hands-on activity to create a hydraulic robot. This robot in turn performs the scientific concepts. These include force, levers, and Newton’s laws of motion. 

In other words, this model helps children to improve their creative prowess and also conduct lots of experiences. If you’re to get it, expect the instructions to be in Chinese and not English.

3. CIRCUIT-TEST Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit 

For engineering enthusiasts, CIRCUIT-TEST Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit is a model to look out for. It makes your learning of hydromechanics a fun one. The beautiful part? It doesn’t require you to use a battery on it. Instead, you can power it using water.

This model is capable of commanding 6 axes of different movements. These include:

  • The gripper: opens and closes for 1.89 inches. 
  • Wrist mobility: 98 degrees
  • Wrist rotation: 180 degrees
  • Base rotation: 270 degrees
  • Shoulder motion: 45 degrees

Using a vertical stretch of 16.35 inches, a horizontal stretch of 12. 42 inches, and an elevation ability of 50g, this robot is ready to perform your desired tasks. You can have the suction apparatus activated by removing the gripper. This particular feature allows users to lift objects using a big surface area as a mobile phone.

4. Pathfinders Robotic Arm Kit

This robotic arm is one of the simplest ones to hold. It’s a 3-dimensional model that’s able to grab and elevate items horizontally. It can rotate up to 90 degrees and has been created to be used alone.ñ using the syringe holder. 

If you want to learn about simple machines, robotics, fluid Dynamics, invention, technology, etc, this model helps you a great deal. After making, the arm gets approximately 13-1/ 2″ tall and can stretch above 16″ and rotate about 90 on an 8-5/8′ x 6-7/8″ base. It usually comes with a 12-page user manual and can be operated using water. 


There you have it! If you have any need to build a Hydraulic Robotic Hand Model Kit, this list should be helpful.

Hydraulic Robotic Hand Model Kit to Build
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