How to Make LEGO Robotics

Want to boost creativity and inspire innovative thoughts in your children, there are many ways to do so. But there is none simpler than to get a LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor kit for your kids. This LEGO building set gives children the tools needed to create a fully functional robot. The set comes preinstalled with nine hundred and forty-nine pieces of LEGO to give children a mind-blowing experience. So, if you are looking for fun things to do with your kids during the holidays, get the LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set.

How to build your LEGO robot set

The LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set comes with instructions. By following LEGO’s instructions to the letter, you can create five unique robots with the LEGO pieces provided in the box. If you do it right, you can end up with the Charlie robot, Blast, Tricky, Gelo, and the MVP (modular vehicle platform) robot.

Each robot in the set has unique characteristics so your kids can enjoy a mesmerizing building experience. All robots in this set are straightforward to build and you’ll have a great time assembling the piece from scratch.

A close look at the LEGO Mindstorms robots.

Gelo: this is a four-legged robot that walks around to dodge obstacles. The robot comes with sensors that enable it to walk around without help. Therefore, you and your child can have fun dodging obstacles in your home with the Gelo robot. If you like, you can install specially designed LEGO lights on your Gelo robot to make it come alive in the dark.

Tricky robot

Tricky is the sporty robot of the LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set. This robot can bowl, play basketball, and shoot soccer balls into the goalpost. If your child fancies the game of football or basketball, this robot can become his/her favorite toy in the house. Even more amazing, is the fact that the Tricky robot can do all these things independently due to the preinstalled sensors included in the kit.

MVP (modular vehicle platform)

This is perhaps the most versatile robot in the LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set. As opposed to the other robots in the set, this robot can be assembled to simulate a range of shapes. Depending on your preference, you can assemble the MVP into a crane or buggy.


If you want to spend quality time with your child, building the most impressive robot in the LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set, then, you must start with the Blast robot. This robot uses every sensor, hub, and motor provided in the kit. Not only can it shoot darts but it can also sense objects in its path.


The last and probably the smallest robot in the bunch is the Charlie robot. But, it is still as mesmerizing as the other robots in the kit. When assembled, the charlie robot can move around, dance, and give out high-fives.


The robots in the LEGO Mindstorms robot inventor set are pretty easy to assemble. So have a great time building them with your kids.

How to Make LEGO Robotics
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