Housecleaning Robots that Make Your Life Easier

Right now, in this day and age, we have robots that act like humans, and they run on artificial intelligence. These robots help in making the lives of humans easier and better. Some of them are affordable as a brand new computer. There are robots available that help with the provision of home security. Other types could serve and be your pool boy. You could even purchase types that would have fun with your kids.

List of Housecleaning Robots that Can Help Make Your Life Easier

Ubtech Lynx

This robot that looks like a human helps Alexa from Amazon come alive. Lynx has technology that can recognize faces and you can personalize greetings. Lynx can even help to give you reports on the weather. You can make use of it by playing tone favorite music and also make your to-do lists. It can also help you place an Amazon order. You don’t need any sticky notes at all with lynx.

Asus Zenbo

This is a mobile companion robot that has smart capabilities that help in providing entertainment and assistance whenever you may need it. Zenbo adapts and learns and even helps in sharing emotions like pain, sadness, happiness, and joy with you. This robot also helps in the control of household devices, which could act as a system that could keep your family secured and then help read to your kids in your absence to prevent boredom. It is a built-in friend, robot, and a babysitter. 

Roomba by iRobot

This has been around from the year 2002. Over the past 16 years, it has improved extremely. The latest model available has a lot more functions apart from just vacuuming. You can control it by linking it to either Wi-Fi or Google voice-activated assistant or Alexa from Amazon. Roomba moves around the house cleaning the ground, and it always knows parts of the house that need more attention as you clean. When the battery gets low, it knows how to plug itself to its charging station, and it knows how to go back and continue cleaning from exactly where it stopped. That’s extremely cool, don’t you think?

Alfawise Magnetic

This robot aids in making your life easier by cleaning your home. It normally works as a vacuum cleaner, but it helps in doing so much more. It has pads made with microfiber, which can clean glass and it also has suction features that ensure it does not fall off as you clean your windows. Now you have your very own maid that handles your windows with care.

Worx Landroid

This is a lawnmower that uses its parts to handle your yard work. Landroid is built to handle your lawn daily. It doesn’t make as much noise as gasoline engine lawnmowers. When the battery gets low, it can go back to its charging station or if it starts to rain. This is way better than paying someone around to mow the lawn.

Housecleaning Robots that Make Your Life Easier
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