Famous TV and Movie Robots


I am going to enjoy this piece because I’m a great movie and TV fan. I also love robots. So today I’ll be talking about Famous TV and Movie Robots. For fans of movies like the terminator, Star Wars, the forbidden planet, and others, this piece is for you. 

List of Famous TV and Movie Robots 

Terminator’s The T-800 from the year 1984

The T-1000 is highly advanced. Yule Brenner’s Gunslinger might have come first. There isn’t any available substitute for the time-traveling weapon, which is covered with human skin. The target of this movie robot is the Mom of the resistance leader from the future. John Connor is the name of the resistance leader in the future. Apart from this young leader, there is an absence of robotic bodyguards which guarded Sarah Connor. It ended up being just a haunted shell of the future machine which fought humans. Though the human is also known as Micheal Biehn, you could only keep cutting away the eight hundred skin as you run, and this robot would end up tracking you because it doesn’t stop. He always comes back. 

Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot from the year 1956. 

Looking at different versions of this list, like versions modified slightly, this robot might be the first. There isn’t a movie that has a robot that is as prolific as this robot. His first appearance came from the forbidden planet. There he starred as Robby which didn’t have any gender. It has more than thirty appearances in movies in both television and films. There isn’t any other robot by name or design that has a more robust image of retro-future. It slowly lumbers, and it ends up having a minimal personality. 

Robby has apart from its significant cultural influence. If the space program continued, it would have taken a very high level of precedence, just like it had when Robby was nothing but a prop. It is very safe to say that presently it would be nothing but a representative directly of what the world now knows as robotics. 

Star Wars R2-D2 from the year 1977

This has been a great robot. A powerful guy. Known as R2, it fulfilled work that helped the mission from the original star wars trilogy than any hero you could try to compare it with. In battle, it could almost get killed in the fire line. These are typically reserved for the closest friends and the protagonists from the first movie. 

He is a little bit convenient from the western army plot device. There’s the lightsaber which is hidden in bizarre images. After all, what else could you expect from a droid used for nothing other than protocols to open cells for detention and switch off compactors for trash? 

This robot has that excellent design which makes everyone know that it is not human. R2-D2 serves as one of the characters who are more human in the entire franchise.

So there we have it. Your list of famous TV and Movie Robots.

Famous TV and Movie Robots
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