Boston Dynamics is Building Robot Dogs to Help Seniors and Rescue Workers, but It Will Cost You

These days as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are adopting cats and foster dogs. Right now Boston Dynamics is creating a new type of pet that can help businesses. Its name is Spot. It is a robot dog that was built by Boston Dynamics. This is an engineering company.

Spot isn’t a toy or a house pet that is used for entertainment. It is a robot that has four legs that can walk for three miles by the hour, avoid obstacles, climb terrain, and see around 360 degrees. It can perform a lot of other tasks too that have been programmed. Spot can be purchased from Boston Dynamics for $74,500.

Spot started operations in 2015. It was made available commercially this year. It has human-like movements and a canine appearance. It has been made popular on the internet. You can see it dancing, opening doors, and even aiding to pull trucks. These videos have gone viral on the YouTube channel of Boston Dynamics.

What Activities Can Spot Perform?

The VP of business development at Boston Dynamics, Micheal Perry, stated that Spot has almost limitless uses for businesses. This robot can be used remotely and it can learn actions and custom routes.

Places that are not safe for humans can be visited by Spot. When they were testing it, they used Spot to monitor remote environments inside offshore rigs and inside mines. They used it to get clear footage using its camera for places like nuclear sites that were decommissioned and were too bad to send real people. Perry says this robot can make people happy in stage parks too.

During the pandemic, Spot has been known to help. At a Singaporean theme park, named Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Par, Spot checked out its grounds and inspired people to keep some space between themselves.

A robot can work more hours than any human can. Like in a Quebec locationed construction company named Pomerleau, Spot was used to organize headway on a square ft. building worth 500,000. Spot got a lot of photos of the site weekly, this saved the company about twenty hours of work weekly.

Spot is an investment when you’re looking at the cost of how you’ll use it to rescue workers and help seniors. When looking at its prove, remember Softbank Pepper robot that came out 2015, it costs a thousand six hundred dollars. But there are other robots like Spot used to watch inspection and they cost about $250.

Purchasing a Spot is not everything. If you own it, you need to learn how you can develop software to customize Spot for tasks you would like it to perform.

Before you can buy Spot, you need to drop about a thousand dollars worth deposit. Then you’ll get the robot between six to eight weeks.

Boston Dynamics is Building Robot Dogs to Help Seniors and Rescue Workers, but It Will Cost You
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