Advancements in Bluetooth Robotics

They say robots are going to take over our world in just a few years to come. While we may find that to be really impossible, or at least difficult, the recent advancements in technology are beginning to prove that assertion to be correct.

How easy and stress-free can life get when all you just have to do is turn on your Bluetooth, and you have a robot answering and carrying out your commands? It is just amazing, isn’t it? Technology is beautiful, and as much as the movies may be indicating that in a few years, we may not be able to control the robots we make, we can hope for the best.

What are Bluetooth Robotics?

Bluetooth robotics simply means designing and controlling robots using a Bluetooth enabled Android device and a pre-installed mobile application. The Android robot responds to commands that are made using a Bluetooth device or remote.

The connection process is just as easy as when you connect your headphones or any other Bluetooth device. You need to search for the Bluetooth signal in the robot and connect to it with the Bluetooth of your phone.

Products Made with Bluetooth Robotics

The ideas are limitless when it comes to making Bluetooth robotics. The only hindering factor is that, unlike an internet connection that can be done almost everywhere, not minding the distance between the controller and the product, Bluetooth robotics can only go as far as the Bluetooth signal can reach. This makes the products smart and helpful for solving home-related issues.

Some of the products that can be made using Bluetooth include:

1. Toy cars: Imagine being able to control a car all around the house using your smartphone’s Bluetooth. You can even attach a little camera to it if you need to get a little sneaky.

2. Drones: As mentioned earlier, the only hindering factor to some of the Bluetooth robotics may be distance and Bluetooth signal. Unlike other types of drones that are controlled with remote ground control systems, Bluetooth controlled drones can only go as far as the Bluetooth signal can reach.

3. Prosthetic limbs/robotic arms: Advancements in technology have greatly helped a lot of people to solve many physical and even psychological problems. David Aguilar, who is also known as Hand Solo, has been making prostheses from Lego bricks since he was young. Bluetooth controlled limbs can also be created, but may not be able to perform as effectively as natural limbs. With more advancements, we strongly believe that Bluetooth robotics will serve the world a great purpose.

Other products that can be made using Bluetooth include self-balancing robots, line following robots, gesture controlled robots, obstacle avoiding robots, and many more.

It is no longer a question of whether it can be possible; it is how many more designs can be made using Bluetooth robotic technology. Probably in a few more years, there will be Bluetooth controlled robots that can actually go as far as we want them to.

Advancements in Bluetooth Robotics
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