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Promotional Supplies

Promotional items are used at LRIG meetings for several reasons:

bullet Speaker Gifts
bullet Attendee Giveaways
bullet Door Prizes

Pictured below are some that various chapters have used.  Most may be
purchased through LRIG Home for much cheaper than individual chapters can get
them due to combined purchasing power.  The listed costs are the last price
paid including shipping to LRIG Home.  The chapter would pay this cost plus
the cost of shipping to the chapter location.  Costs when reordering may be
more or less depending on price changes and size of order.  Prices are in
USD.  Some items are in stock and some will have to be ordered, so please
give plenty of notice.  We will get better pricing with volume, so if you
can wait until other chapters combine orders, pricing should improve. 
Click on the thumbnails to view full size.

To date, LRIG Mid Atlantic has acted as the bank for purchases like this.

Contact Andy Zaayenga
to order or for further information.


Laser Pointer

Cost: $15.75

In Stock


Model: Infiniter 100 (black), CP-Q-100-BLK

"Laboratory Robotics Interest Group," laser etched on

Photon II Keyring Light

Cost: $6.51

In Stock


with LRIG Logo & web URL

ClicStic Ballpoint Pen

Cost: $0.36

In Stock

Envelope Slitter

Cost: $1.06

Not In Stock

Measuring Tape with Level

Cost: $1.00?

Not In Stock

Roller Pen

Cost: $1.00

Not In Stock

Rosewood Pen & Holder

Cost: $18.02

Not In Stock

Paperclip Dispenser

Cost: $1.00

Not In Stock



Not In Stock

Details: Reversible shaft for straight or philips head screws 

Sharpie Marker

Cost: $1.01

Not In Stock

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