How Common is Animal Testing in the Medical Field?

You’re not the only one who has asked this question. You’re not the only vegetarian. Various other people want to know how Common animal testing is or has been done in the Medical Field. Well, today I’ll be giving you some information about that. Let’s go.  All through time, animals have been repeatedly used for […]

How to Get Started in Robotics

All Robotics amateurs are calling you guys. Come and learn a bit of robotics before your first lectures. So you do not have any idea about robotics, but you’re interested, right. Well, you’re in the best article yet. Sadly, there are several people like you out there. Robotics is not a very simple hobby like […]

Memory Foam-Like Materials Could Aid in Robotic Flexibility

Did you know that if Memory Foam-Like Materials were added to the creation and development of robots, it would quickly increase the flexibility of these robots? This article would talk about the unique parts of a robot that one could utilize memory foam materials to increase the level of flexibility of your robots. It would […]

How to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance by Boosting Your Immune System

Good day there. Today we’ll be talking about ways you can prevent antimicrobial resistance and boost your immune system. The ways that would be listed here are all healthy. Are you ready? Let’s begin.  Healthy ways you can prevent Antimicrobial Resistance and Boost your immune system One of the first things you should do is […]

French Robotics Engineer Builds Exoskeleton to Help Son Walk

Being one of the co-founders of Wandercraft, a robotic exoskeleton company, Jean-Louis Constanza got his inspiration to start these robotic engineering entrapments because of his son.  His son’s name is Oscar. He asked his dad one day if he could make a robot that would allow people that are crippled to walk.  This helped Mr. […]

Real-Life Cyborg Technology

Hey there, for all you technology lovers who might want to create their technology someday, this piece would settle to talk about some accurate life Cyborg Technology available in the world today. Stay tuned  List of Real-Life Cyborg Technology    Jesse Sullivan Cyborg technology these days is quite essential for people that have suffered various forms […]

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