Julie Monagle

Executive Chair

Julie has been developing
Lab Automation solutions over the past 13 years for both
Drug Discovery and Development initiatives. 
She is currently working at Transform
Pharmaceuticals, a JNJ company, and heads up the Automation
Technologies Group which is responsible for development and
operation of platforms on which High Throughput Experiments
are conducted to accelerate drug development processes such
drug crystal form and formulation screening. 
Prior to joining Transform, Julie was the Lab
Automation Manager for High Throughput Screening efforts at
Neurogen Corporation in

Tim Blankenship


Tim has been
working with lab automation since 1989, holding sales and
service positions with Beckman and Gilson and serving as the
northeastern automation specialist with Millipore. He has
served as the Secretary of the LRIG New England chapter
since November of 2002.

Jim Follen


Jim has been working with laboratory
automation since 2000.  From 2000 – 2005 Jim managed the
screening facility at the Harvard Medical School's
Institutes for Chemistry and Cell Biology. He left Harvard
to work an automation engineer at the Novartis Institutes
for Biomedical Research in the Lead Discovery Center.  Jim
currently works as a consultant with ID Business Solutions
(IDBS).  Prior to his laboratory automation career, Jim
served as a chief warrant officer and aviator flying Black
Hawks in the United States Army.

Dan Cinicola

Steering Committee Chair

is working at the Amgen Cambridge, MA
site, with the Research Automation and Technologies group.
He started working with automation 15+ years ago in the
laboratories at the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research
Institute. In 1993 he joined Zymark Corporation (now Caliper
Life Sciences) as an Application Engineer and was
responsible for the customization and installation of
robotic systems in various laboratory settings. He then went
to work for TekCel Corporation where he helped with
development and integration of their automation platform in
the laboratory.  In 2001, was hired as the automation group leader for
Millennium Pharmaceuticals' Lead Discovery Technologies



Bill Goode

Steering Committee Chair

Bill started working with Laboratory
Automation at Millennium Pharmaceuticals after graduating
from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1998.  At Millennium
he worked within the Lead Discovery group building
automation and IT systems for Compound Management, High
Throughput Screening, and Molecular Pharmacology.  In 2003,
Bill joined Novartis as head of the Robotics & Automation
group in Cambridge.  Bill currently works at Amgen in
Cambridge, MA within the Research Informatics department.

Seth Cohen Ph.D

Member at Large

Cohen received his PhD in Microbiology from the University
of Georgia, Athens in 1985, and then went on to
post-doctoral research at Tufts University School of
Medicine in Boston where he studied the physiology, genetics
and biochemistry of multiple drug resistant bacteria with
Dr. Stuart Levy.

Following his post-doctoral research, Dr. Cohen developed
DNA probes and assays for infectious disease diagnostics at
Gene-Trak Systems before joining Millennium Pharmaceuticals
in Cambridge MA in 1997, initially helping to build and lead
the HTS group and finally serving as the Program Director
for Millennium’s Lead Discovery department.  Dr. Cohen
joined Caliper Life Sciences in late 2003 as Director of
Application Sciences.



Steve Fillers Ph.D

Steve is a biochemist, receiving his degree
from The Ohio State University Department of Food Science
and Nutrition.  He conducted research at the University of
Pennsylvania Medical and Veterinary schools.  Later, at the
Sandoz Research Institute (now Novartis Institutes for
Biomedical Research) he built up an HTS group.  During this
time, he became a member of the original LRIG (now LRIG-MA)
and was named to the Data Management chair.  Steve then
moved to Biogen (now BiogenIDEC) and built another HTS
group.  He formed the second LRIG chapter (LRIG-NE) and was
Executive chair of that group for three years.  Currently,
Steve is an officer of LRIG-NE and is member at large for
LRIG Global functions.


Pete Niggemann

<Pete's bio here>

Marsha Paul

is an Organic Chemist and Automation Professional with over
24 years experience.  During this time, Marsha gained
extensive knowledge in laboratory automation while holding
various positions such as Vice President of Sales and
Marketing for TekCel Corporation, Applications Engineer and
Sales and Business Development Manger for Zymark
Corporation; Automation Sales Consultant in the Drug
Discovery for Beckman Coulter.  Presently, she is a Senior
Sales Consultant for Caliper Life Sciences.  She is a member ACS, Women in
Science and LRIG board.  Marsha received her BS in Chemistry
from Framingham State College and graduate training in
Biochemistry at Brandeis University and Business Management
at Boston University.


Scott Reeves

Scott has been
involved in creating and implementing laboratory automation
solutions since 1993. He was first introduced to laboratory
automation as a Research Associate at Myco Pharmaceuticals,
which eventually became part of Millenium Pharmaceuticals,
implementing new technologies for High Throughput Screening
and Assay Development. Scott then joined Zymark Corporation
(now Caliper Life Sciences) in 1996, first as a Systems
Engineer developing and implementing robotic system
solutions for laboratory applications then as a Senior
Software Engineer / Project Leader within the R&D group.
Since 1999, Scott has worked at REMP, a pioneer in automated
sample storage systems, holding various positions from
Senior Software Engineer to US Product Manager. He is
presently the Operations Manager at REMP, now a Tecan Group
Company. He received his B.S in Biology from Boston College
in 1993 and his M.S in Medical Physiology from Boston
University School of Medicine in 1996.

Mike Shanler

Michael has been
working at BD Biosciences (Bedford, MA) since 2000 and is
directing the WW HTS and ADME automation efforts for his
division. In addition to managing the automation, he is
leading several new product development programs and
technology initiatives within the R&D group. Prior to
joining BD Biosciences, Mike was a Lab Automation Engineer
at Genetics Institute (Cambridge, MA) Small Molecule Drug
Discovery Division, where he maintained the Compound
Inventory and HTS systems. His team also designed and
installed HT sample processing and LC/MS analysis systems
for the PK & Drug Metabolism groups. His first exposure to
laboratory automation was in 1992 at Boston University,
where he earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering.

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