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The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group Introduced on World’s
Largest Professional Network To Increase Member Communication

NJ – November 18, 2004 –
The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG), a non-profit organization that fosters international knowledge
sharing and networking between laboratory automation professionals, today announced
that it has chosen LinkedIn for Groups to facilitate professional networking for
its members on both local and international levels. To join the LRIG groups on
LinkedIn and to learn more about its members and business opportunities, please
go to

By accessing the LRIG group on LinkedIn, LRIG members can network, accomplish
their business goals, and further their careers by safely and effectively
leveraging existing relationships via the LinkedIn/LRIG network. LinkedIn for
Groups enables professionals to help themselves and their contacts to connect
with peers, business partners, industry experts and employees. Joining the LRIG network
on LinkedIn is free for LRIG members. Members will enjoy the following benefits:

· Extended reach of the group’s network: Members will be able to access other
LRIG members and potential members directly or through referrals from shared

· Access to the group directory with rich contact information, professional
histories and endorsements with minimal administrative effort.

· Focused searches on group members using criteria such as geography and
areas of interest.

“LinkedIn for Groups is the right choice for LRIG for a variety of
reasons, including its ease-of-use, efficiency, the seniority of the members who
join the network, and its privacy standards,” said Andy Zaayenga, executive
chair of LRIG.
“Approximately 15 percent of LRIG members already use this network to generate
business opportunities that support our goal of facilitating knowledge sharing
and peer contact. By joining the LRIG group on LinkedIn individual members enhance
their network and open doors to great professionals and business ventures,
benefiting communities in the United States and abroad,” concluded

“With approximately 1,500,000 users and more than two million searches
conducted every month by professionals who are looking for either business
partnerships or job opportunities, LinkedIn is the largest and most trusted
professional network worldwide,” said Konstantin Guericke, co-founder and vice
president of marketing at LinkedIn. “The LinkedIn network has grown 20 times in
the past year, and adding the LRIG group to LinkedIn supports our goal of
offering our members access to great business leads and talent. More than
450,000 of our users are located in Europe, making our relationship with LRIG
relevant by supporting LRIG’s goal of integrating international chapters. We’re
pleased LRIG chose LinkedIn to host its official professional network,”
emphasized Guericke.

Founded in 1985, LRIG has more than 9,000 members and is one of
the fastest growing non-profit membership organizations in laboratory automation. Through its events,
LRIG offers its members networking opportunities
with well known industry leaders of world -renowned companies and institutions,
including international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as
laboratory automation providers. LRIG’s regional chapter meetings offer
special events, discussions, and the exchange of information focusing on
industry areas such as life sciences, chemical synthesis, quality assurance, and
system validation.

About LRIG

The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group is a rapidly growing non-profit special
interest group focused on laboratory automation. The membership consists of over
9,000 scientists and engineers. There are Bay Area California, Chesapeake
(Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware), Europe, Mid Atlantic,
MidWest, New England, Northwest, Philadelphia, San Diego, SouthEast, Upstate New
York, and Texas chapters. A majority of members are from the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology industry with others from the chemical, agriculture, cosmetic,
food, and specialty industries. Multiple regional meetings are held each year in
which members’ experiences in automation are presented. Among the topics
discussed are the uses of laboratory automation in high throughput screening,
drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, chemical synthesis, compound
purification, compound distribution, data management, pharmaceutical dosage form
sample preparation, dissolution testing, bioanalytical technology, chemical
analysis, solid phase extraction, validation, and product formulation.  Additional information is available at

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier provider of private and effective networking tools
used by over 1,400,000 professionals across the globe. By managing their existing
professional network on LinkedIn, professionals can strengthen and extend their
existing network of trusted contacts. By searching their extended network,
LinkedIn professionals can discover inside connections they never knew they had
to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. LinkedIn
for Groups enables professional groups, alumni associations and conference
organizers to facilitate professional networking among their membership. Through
LinkedIn for Groups, members of these organizations can further their careers
and accomplish specific business tasks by safely and effectively leveraging
their existing relationship networks through LinkedIn. For more information,


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