Automation Architectures for HTS and Their Impact on Productivity

3/16/99 NetSci Conference

Presentation:  Automation Architectures for
HTS and Their Impact on Productivity

Julian Warhurst

Vice President, Research and Development

TekCel Corporation, Hopkinton, MA 01748

As the automation for High Throughput Screening has matured, several
competing system architectures have evolved, each with its own merits. Unfortunately many
of the restrictions and future costs these structures impose are not immediately apparent.
These divergent configurations can be quantified and their impact on Productivity,
Flexibility and Reliability measured. Finally the options for future growth and the
ability of the architecture to absorb emerging technologies can be evaluated.

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Table of Contents

Automation Architectures for HTS and Their Impact on

So why do I care about HTS Automation Architecture?

Avoiding Surprises!

What is system architecture?: How components work

Before Automation…..: Manual screening

Systems Based Automation: Islands of functionality

Next Generation Automation: Tying it all together

Typical Material Flow for HTS: What a mess!

Focusing on one Example: Choosing an Architecture to
Enhance Productivity

Compound Storage & Handling: Area of Maximum
impact: Today’s peak traffic

Compound Plate Handling: Manual Operations

Sealing and Unsealing: Lots of issues

Storage Conditions: No Consensus

So what’s the first step?: A requirements

Requirements: Feeding Compound plates to Primary

Requirements: Replication for Screening

Requirements: Support multiple facilities

Other Requirements

Proposed Configurations

Connecting to on-line storage: Proposed scenario:
Library on line to system

Connecting to on-line storage: Proposed
scenario:Library feeding shuttles

Connecting to on-line storage: Proposed
scenario:Automated shuttles as storage

Identify Critical Technologies: Often not initially

Automated Plate Handling: Eliminate Manual

SealTite Plate Seal: An automation friendly seal

SealTite Plate Seal

PPT Slide

SealTite Plate Seal:

Plate Server module: On-Line Storage Module



Author: Julian Warhurst


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