Tech Alternative: Natural Support for Sports Concussions

Concussions? Sports? They are like twins when talked about. But sadly there is no way one can imagine a concussion. With the help of scientists and time, soon we would be able to do that. We just need to be patient and hope the portable brain imaging system would help. This system makes use of light to check for damages and tries to manage the damage the concussion does to the brain. But in the absence of these, athletes could make use of these natural methods to help heal them from concussions.

List of Natural Support for Sports Concussions

1. Omega 3 oils

This helps rebuild the tissues that got split because of the concussion. This is a very important part of nutrition. If you also have inflammation during sports then you need these Omega oils. As an athlete, it’ll do you well if you take 1200mg daily.

2. Curcumin

This helps handle inflammations that could potentially destroy the brain after a concussion. This is a necessary material that is gotten from turmeric. It helps in taking the pain of the concussion. It also serves as a strong ingredient to handle inflammations. It is used to treat health issues like arthritis and rheumatoid, and it also helps in fighting depression. After consumption, it gets absorbed by the brain and from that point reduces swollen parts of the brain to heal from the concussion.

Oxidative damage and inflammation are the two children of concussion. They both affect the brain, leading to memory issues and painful headaches. Consuming curcumin reduces these headaches that happen after the concussion, and it increases the healing rate.

3. Creatine

These are effective and safe. They have lots of advantages your brain would enjoy.

Almost everyone knows creatine as an important ingredient in steroids, and it is usually used by bodybuilders too. It helps the muscles of the body and increases the efficiency of working out. It also has great benefits on the brain like managing concussions. 

Your brain and body get to enjoy higher amounts of energy, especially that which is needed after one gets a concussion.

4. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

This is a supplement that helps reduce inflammation, which helps our brains and bodies handle a concussion. It is also known as the king of antioxidants.

5. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

These can be found in the oils obtained from fish. These have helped athletes in more ways than one. They are great for wonderful health generally. They also help the brain and fight off pains from getting a concussion.

How does this work, you might ask, it helps in building damaged brain tissue, reducing inflammation too. So Concussions and the effects are greatly reduced. It also aids the healing process from concussions.

So there we have it. Instead of looking for technological methods to handle your concussions, you could simply make use of one of these natural products. Try Natural Ophthalmics and Traumatic Brain Injury Pellets.

Tech Alternative: Natural Support for Sports Concussions
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