Advancements in Health: What are Immune Modulators?

Everyone desires to be healthy. With the spread of both communicable and non-communicable diseases all around, one must fortify himself/herself. Right from the moment we open our eyes to the brightness of the day, our bodies become exposed to germs no matter how hard we try, especially when we step out of our houses to our places of work or school.

Despite our various efforts to combat sicknesses, we cannot totally avoid coming in contact with these germs every day, and our body knows this. This is why the immune system is one of the most important systems in the human body. If it fails, there is no telling of the disaster our bodies will create.

So, you may be asking, “What are immune modulators?” For you to understand what immune modulators are, you must understand and appreciate the significance of the immune system in our bodies. Keep reading to learn more.

The Immune System

The immune system is everywhere in your body. About 70% of it is in the digestive system (in the gut), while the remaining 30% is… everywhere else! We can even feel our immune system when we are sick by palpating and touching the side of our necks to feel our lymph nodes, which are immune tissues. Lymph nodes usually feel like soft, round bumps with the size of a pea when they are inflamed.

Now from a tender age, you may have come across stuff like white blood cells and red blood cells. Well, the white blood cells are a major component of the immune system. They act like soldiers. It has different divisions, each with its specific job, and these divisions include T-cells, B-cells, NK cells, macrophages, etc.

These white blood cells consist of interleukins, cytokines, and interferons, and they all communicate through chemical messages. Another way of understanding the immune system is through the Th1 and Th2 balance. The Th1 has to do with the T-cells and the NK-cells to deal with viruses and cancer, while the Th2 involves the B-cell response to tackle bacteria and parasites. So, it is like two sections of the army with different job descriptions, but fighting for one cause – protection of the body.

So, maybe you are still wondering, “what are immune modulators?”

Relax. Another thing you need to understand is the concept of tolerance in immune systems. Basically, the thymus in the immune system helps the T-cells to mature so that they can protect the body from foreign imposters.

So, what are immune modulators?

Immune modulators are simply drugs that either help to stimulate, improve or restore normal functioning of the immune system after being damaged by a disease or virus, for instance, cancer or HIV. When the immune system recognizes cancerous cells, they send out two signals to recognize the cells and take action.

Seeing how important our immune system is, how can we strengthen it?

We can do this by taking adequate amounts multivitamins from Pure Encapsulations that contain other minerals, and Transformation Enzyme, to strengthen the body’s ability to withstand diseases that could cost us our lives. While dietary supplements and certain foods are not proven to prevent any disease, they may help support our overall well being. It is important to work with your doctor about your own health and when supplements should be taken to boost your immune system.

Advancements in Health: What are Immune Modulators?
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