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E-Commerce for Laboratory Automation


has been created for two purposes, one is to sell biogeek clip
art. As far as we can tell there is a real need here. You just can’t find much
in the way of biotech specific clip art. The second goal is to provide a place
to share biogeek culture. The world of biological science is filled with a
wide spectrum of cultural and intellectual wackos. Many of you have a great
sense of humor and it gets expressed in the lab as well as scientific meetings
and publications. We are here to disseminate the culture as broadly as
possible and welcome your contributions. The site is created by biogeeks for


Research Products
is a leading supplier of consumables and equipment to
life science research laboratories world wide. We provide committed personal
service and guaranteed lowest third pricing on thousands of state of the art
laboratory products.


Power Purchasing is an on-line e-Commerce site
catering to the scientific industry. We have teamed up with an Intel/SAP company, Pandesic
(leaders in e-business solutions) to offer labs of all sizes volume pricing discounts as
well as other full service features — through a SECURE, on-line e-commerce site.


SciQuest® – The Internet Source for Scientific
Products! Don’t look for it – FIND IT b
y searching our database of over 300,000
laboratory instruments, chemicals, supplies, software, and services for the analytical,
life science, and clinical industries.

If you are a manufacturer or consultant and would like
to see your name on this page, or would like to have a link installed to your email or web
site, send us a message . A short one
or two line description of your company may be annotated. 
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