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Ups as Robots?

exhibit room features
photographs of toy robots and other images of robots from ephemeral sources.

Check out the Lynxmotion
Series of Mobile Robot, Manipulator and Sensor Kits.

At Solarbotics,
we provide Robot technology based around the BEAM philosophy. BEAM is an acronym standing
for: Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics and describes a new field of robots that
are small, adept, relatively simple, and inexpensive.

Welcome to Mondo-tronics’
Robot Store
web site featuring over 100 actual robot kits, books, and software, as
well as Muscle Wires® shape memory alloys, and lots of other great robot related
hardware, electronics, video tapes and more!

Robot Wars is a
competitive, mechanical sporting event that features radio controlled robots in combat.
Competitors must employ a combination of skill, power and strategy in this contest for

The Dallas Personal Robotics
is one the nation’s oldest special interest groups dedicated to the development
and use of personal robotics and has been around since 1984.

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Visit the Airheads
Motorcycle Owners Club

The Rockies Robotics Group was conceived in the
twisted mind of its founder, Franco Arteseros, in 1990 when he came across an old HERO JR at a computer

works as a systems integrator and productizer for affordable, intelligent
mobile robotics in education, research, prototyping and plug-n-play applications. We
specialize in finished systems complete with documentation and support, but with open
architecture for versatility and customization by the owner.

For all you Ag Scientists visit Ronald for that perfect gift.


is a High Technology provider of Educational Systems, Robotics, Flexible Automation
Systems, Industrial Technology and Control Systems.  

Listen to a little of "
I Robot
" from the Alan Parsons Project.  Remember that?

At last you can INSPIRE your students with the
classroom tool that lets them design, build, and program actual, repeatable
table-top robots in a single hour with the Robix™

Founded in 1994 and
headquartered in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, Robotic Workspace
Technologies, Inc
. is dedicated to developing and providing advanced PC-based robotic
technologies that enhance the use of a wide range of industrial robots. RWT’s client list
includes Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, and
R&D industries.

Robot Books.com

The Institute
of Robotics
emerged from the Institute of Mechanics in January 1990. It is a member of
the interdisciplinary Mechatronics Group of the ETH. Within the scopes of Mechatronics we do
research on (i) the dynamics of controlled mechanical systems, concentrating mainly
on two typical areas, robotics and magnetic bearings, and (ii) nanotechnology.

The Mobile Robot Laboratory‘s
charter is to discover and develop fundamental scientific principles and practices that
are applicable to intelligent mobile robot systems. In addition, it is the goal of this
laboratory to facilitate technology transfer of its research results to yield solutions to
real world problems for a wide range of application domains.

The Harvard
Robotics Laboratory
was founded in 1983. Our current research projects include
computational vision, neural networks, tactile sensing, motion control and VLSI systems.

– Building a Robotic Community

When all else fails, visit The Dilbert Zone!

Have a picnic with the

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