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The Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG) is an
international, non-profit, volunteer organization of professionals from the
private, government and academic sectors working in the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology, chemical, genomic and other areas and was established as a means
to provide a platform to encourage an open discussion of new automation
technologies that can be beneficial to the laboratory automation community.

Special Thank You to

Ganje Law Offices

Two Tower Place

Albany, NY 12203

(518) 437-9000

for their ongoing support of the Upstate New York LRIG.

Special Thank You to
Artel, Inc.
for their

support as a Founding Sponsor.

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Phillips Lytle LLP of
Albany for their support in preparing our organization’s articles of

Where is "Upstate New York"? 
To some, "upstate" might be anywhere north of 170th Street in New York City,
while to others only the most northern and western cities of Rochester and
Buffalo merit the distinction.  The definition of upstate is not exact and
depends on ones perspective, but it is generally accepted that the counties
north and west of Rockland and Westchester are considered upstate.  We at
the Upstate New York LRIG, located in the Capital District near Albany, consider
ourselves upstate.  For our colleagues located in the vast region of
Upstate New York for whom a trip to Albany for an LRIG meeting is not practical,
we welcome an opportunity to discuss collaborating to locate future meetings in
other parts of the state.

Upstate New York LRIG, Inc.

C/O: Center for Automation
Technologies and Systems

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

CII 8015

110 Eighth Street

Troy, NY 12180

LRIG.Tech.Valley -at-


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